Dear ECNers,

Just a small addition to this request from an enthusiastic student naturally wanting everything : -). 
At this point we are mainly looking for any DNA-grade Oxyporus material in 96% alc. or specimens that
were recently pinned from 96% alcohol, or from 70% alc. if they were not too long there. We do not 
expect many of those specimens available, so any would count! Regular museum material is not asked 
at this point. Alexandra may contact curators in a specific way for the regular material for certain species 

If any of you have some DNA-grade Oxyporus specimens ready to be brought to the upcoming ESA/ECN, 
these can be given to Adam Brunke who will be there and who currently has a student at CNC returning to 
St. Petersburg in late December, a good hand-carry opportunity.

Many thanks and best wishes!

Alexey Solodovnikov
Associate Professor, Curator of Coleoptera (beetles) collection

University of Copenhagen
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15, 2100 Copenhagen, DENMARK

DIR +45 22615527
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Subject: A hoping call for the material on Oxyporinae, mysterious rove beetle subfamily (Staphylinidae), from a young staphyli-girl researcher

Dear colleagues,

My name's Alexandra and I'm a MSc student at Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia), co-supervised by Alexey Solodovnikov (Denmark, Copenhagen I work on the natural history, taxonomy and phylogeny of the mysterious highly specialized fungivorous rove beetle subfamily Oxyporinae with indistinct phylogenetic location inside the family. I begin with the review of Oxyporus of the Russian fauna which is relatively rich and poorly known especially in the Far East, but I hope to enrich the knowledge of Oxyporinae's phylogeny further, thus we would be really happy to receive the material from all over the world in terms of regions Oxyporinae could be found. We strongly need any dry male imago exemplars accessible, as well as preserved in 96% imago or larval stages. We would also highly appreciate to be given any notes on the life cycles, hosts and distribution.
Any material (dry or preferable in 96% ethanol) on such a typical species as O. rufus and O. maxillosus is also badly needed because we plan to launch a molecular study to clarify the case of their transholarctic distribution - if O. rufus (or O. maxillosus) from palaearctic region can be called the same in nearctic conditions. 

It would be much more suitable to send the material to A. Solodovnikov to Copenhagen, because of some peculiarities of russian post delivery service:
Zoological Museum 
Universitetsparken 15, 
Copenhagen 2100, DENMARK
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Thank you in advance!