Hi Geoff,


Tim Wunder and I did a paper some years ago on Institutionalism and the State. The idea was to give a concise and cohesive picture of that aspect of institutional economics. If I recall correctly this issue of the Forum was dedicated to a series of papers that did roughly the same thing for other aspects of institutional economics.   You might try there.


Wunder, Timothy and Thomas Kemp, Institutionalism and the State: Founding Views Reexamined. Forum for Social Economics, Vol. 37 No 1: 27-42. 2008.






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Subject: Introduction to Original Institutional Economics


Dear Afeefolks,


I am looking for materials to introduce graduate students and upper level undergraduates to original institutional economics. This is part of some outreach I am doing at conferences where institutionalists don't have much of a presence, such as the Southern Economics Association meetings in Washington next week.


Any resources would be greatly appreciated.




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