Music Theory Spectrum Volume 40 Issue 2
Fall 2018

Schoenberg’s Sentence
Áine Heneghan
Matthew Arndt
The “Mono-Operational” Recapitulation in Movements by Beethoven and Schubert
Jonathan Guez
Form and the Large-Scale Connection: Motivic Harmony and the Expanded Type-1 Sonata in Dvořák’s Later Chamber Music
Peter H Smith

Common-Tone Tonality in Bizet’s Carmen
Andrew Pau
Zero Waste: Mapping the Evolution of the Iterative Sight-Reading of a Piano Score
David Whyte; Nick Didkovsky; Stefan Hutzler
Chord Context and Harmonic Function in Tonal Music
Christopher WM White; Ian Quinn
Tuning Theory and Practice in James Tenney’s Works for Guitar
Giacomo Fiore

Heinrich Schenker: Selected Correspondence. Edited by Ian Bent, David Bretherton, and William Drabkin
Richard Kramer
Beethoven’s Last Piano Sonatas: An Edition with Elucidation. Vols. 1–4. By Heinrich Schenker.
Jason Hooper
Pierre Boulez Studies. Edited by Edward Campbell and Peter O’Hagan
C Catherine Losada

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