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Desmond Scott et al., eds., The Cyril Scott Companion: Unity In Diversity
Boydell Press, 2018. 728 pp. $48. ISBN: 9781783272860.
Hannah Lewis, French Musical Culture and the Coming of Sound Cinema
Oxford University Press, 2018. 264 pp. $99/$35. ISBN: 9780190635978. 
David Temperley, The Musical Language of Rock
Oxford University Press, 2018. 312 pp. $99/$34.95. ISBN: 9780190653774.. An AMS subvention book. 
Lee Rothfarb and Christoph Landerer, Eduard Hanslick’s On the Musically Beautiful: A New Translation
Oxford University Press, 2018. 224 pp. $24.95. ISBN: 9780190698188.. An AMS subvention book. 
Michael D. Doubler, Dixie Dewdrop: The Uncle Dave Macon Story
University of Illinois Press, 2018. 288 pp. $19.95. ISBN: 9780252083655.. An AMS subvention book. 
Jason Yust, Organized Time: Rhythm, Tonality, and Form
Oxford University Press, 2018. 440 pp. $125. ISBN: 9780190696481.. An AMS subvention book. 
Tala Jarjour, Sense and Sadness: Syriac Chant in Aleppo
Oxford University Press, 2018. 250 pp. $99/$29.95. ISBN: 9780190635268.. An AMS subvention book. 
Lawrence M. Zbikowski, Foundations of Musical Grammar
Oxford University Press, 2017. 272 pp. $44.95. ISBN: 9780190653637.. An AMS subvention book. 
Elsie Walker, Hearing the Cinema of Michael Haneke
Oxford University Press, 2017. 232 pp. $99/$29.95. ISBN: 9780190495909.. An AMS subvention book. 
Erin Lambert, Singing the Resurrection: Body, Community, and Belief in Reformation in Europe
Oxford University Press, 2017. 240 pp. $65. ISBN: 9780190661649.. An AMS subvention book.
Emily Ruth Rutter, The Blues Muse: Race, Gender, and Musical Celebrity in American Poetry
University of Alabama Press, 2018. 232 pp. $49.95. ISBN: 978-0-8173-1994-6. 
Marie-Hélène Benoit-Otis and Marie-Pier Leduc, Lire, écouter, écrire : Initiation à la recherche en musique à partir des méthodes des sciences humaines
University of Montreal Press, 2018. 256 pp. $18. ISBN: 876-2-7606-3939-3. 
Robert S Hatten, A Theory of Virtual Agency for Western Art Music
Indiana University Press, 2018. 400 pp. $85/$32. ISBN: 978-0-253-03797-8. 
Sylvia Kahan, Winnaretta Singer-Polignac: Princesse, mécène et musicienne
Les Presses du réel, 2018. 808 pp. $. ISBN: 978-2-8'066-268-6. 
Lonán Ó Briain, Musical Minorities: The Sounds of Hmong Ethnicity in Northern Vietnam
Oxford University Press, 2018. 234 pp. $99. ISBN: 9780190626969.. An AMS subvention book.
Dana Gooley, Sounding Side-ways: Improvisational Aesthetics in Nineteenth Century Music
Oxford University Press, 2018. 312 pp. $39.95. ISBN: 9780190633585.. An AMS subvention book. 
Jonathan Glixon, Mirrors of Heaven or Worldly Theatres?: Venetian Nunneries and Their Music
Oxford University Press, 2017. 472 pp. $55. ISBN: 9780190259129.. An AMS subvention book.
Tom Ewing, Bill Monroe: The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man
University of Illinois Press, 2018. 656 pp. $34.95. ISBN: 978-0-252-04189-1.. An AMS subvention book. 
Philippe Despoix et al., eds., Chanter, rire et résister à Ravensbrück. Autour de Germaine Tillion et du "Verfügbar aux Enfers"
Seuil, 2018. 272 pp. €16. ISBN: 9782021395716. 
Tess Knighton and Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita, eds., Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe
Brepols, 2018. 428 pp. €65. ISBN: 9782503579597-1. 
Rudolf Rasch, ed., Music and Power in the Baroque Era
Brepols, 2018. 475 pp. €115. ISBN: 978-2-503-58071-5. 
Joseph Straus, Broken Beauty: Musical Modernism and the Representation of Disability
Oxford University Press, 2018. 224 pp. $35. ISBN: 9780190871208.. An AMS subvention book.
Robert Fink et al., eds., The Relentless Pursuit of Tone: Timbre in Popular Music
Oxford University Press, 2018. 400 pp. $99/$35. ISBN: 9780199985234. 

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