Authors: Russ Bestley

*Fan artefacts and doing it themselves: The home-made graphics of punk
Authors: Russ Bestley And Paul Burgess

*‘No I don’t like where you come from, it’s just a satellite of London’:
High Wycombe, the Sex Pistols and the punk transformation*
Authors: Martin James

*Punk fanzine culture and civil protest among Israeli youth*
Authors: Oded Heilbronner

*DIY in Devon (Exeter and Plymouth)*
Authors: Dominic Deane

*More Than a Pony Show: An interview with Matt Stokes*

Authors: Russ Bestley
Page Start: 393

*Elvera Butler: Ireland’s ground-breaking New Wave female entrepreneur*

Authors: Michael Mary Murphy
Page Start: 409

*‘Encyclopaedic tendencies and impossible projects’: An interview with
Peter Blegvad*
Authors: Rupert Loydell

*‘It’s about being true to yourself’: An interview with Miguel ‘Kinnie’
Debattista, from Batteries Not Included (Malta)*
Authors: Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone

*Book Reviews*

Authors: Lucy Robinson And Francis Stewart And Rich Cross And Rupert
Loydell And Josef Loderer And Matthew Worley

   - Punk Pedagogies: Music, Culture and Learning, Gareth Dylan Smith, Mike
   Dines and Tom Parkinson (eds) (2017)
   - The Punk Reader: Research Transmissions from the Local and the Global,
   Mike Dines, Alastair ‘Gords’ Gordon and Paula Guerra (eds) (2017)
   - International Anthem, Gee Vaucher (2018)
   - All Gates Open: The Story of Can, Rob Young and Irmin Schmidt (2018)
   - Hard-Core: Life Of My Own, Harley Flanagan (2016)
   - The Punk Turn in Comedy: Masks of Anarchy, Krista Bonello Rutter
   Giappone (2018)

*Album Review*
Authors: Russ Bestley

Burning Britain: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1980–1983, 4CD box set,
London: Cherry Red, £29.99

*Festival Review*
Authors: Paul Mego

*Muddy Roots Music Festival, Cookeville, Tennessee, 30 August–3 September

Exhibition Reviews
Authors: Rebecca Binns And Ian Trowell

   - The House of Fame: An Exhibition Convened by Linder, Nottingham
   Contemporary Gallery, UK, 24 March–24 June 2018
   - Print! Tearing It Up, Somerset House South Wing, 8 June–22 August 2018
   and The Music That Saved a Decade: Divining the Eighties Underground,
   Barbican Music Library, 14 July–3 October 2018

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