*Call for Papers: **2019 McGill Music Graduate Students’ Society Symposium*

The McGill Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS) is pleased to announce
its thirty-second annual Symposium, which will be held March 22–24, 2019 at
the Schulich School of Music in Montréal, Canada. All submissions must be
received by Saturday December 15, 2018.

Our research keynote speaker, Anna Zayaruznaya (Yale University), will be
delivering a talk entitled "Beasts, in Theory: Knowing and Doing in Western
Musical Thought." Her first book, The Monstrous New Art: Divided Forms in
the Late Medieval Motet, explores the role of monstrous and hybrid exempla
in the musical aesthetics of fourteenth-century French motets.

Our performance keynote will be delivered by fiddler, step dancer, and
researcher Sherry Johnson (York University). Prof. Johnson explores
interrelationships between music and dance, examining links between step
dancing across in Canada and its antecedents in Britain and Ireland.

We welcome abstracts (300 words) in any area of music research including,
but not limited to, ethnomusicology, music theory, musicology, music
education, music technology, sound recording, music psychology,
performance, and composition.

Papers, posters, lecture recitals, improvisations, installations, and
special sessions of two to four panelists are encouraged. Special session
descriptions must include a separate 300-word proposal for the session as a
whole in addition to proposals for each panelist. Abstracts and
presentations may be in English or French. Please attach abstracts as Word
documents without personal identification in the attachment. In the body of
your email, please include your name, email, and academic affiliation.

We will make every effort to provide on-site childcare for presenters with
children. We also ask applicants to communicate any issues of
accessibility, including those regarding financial burden. Abstracts will
be evaluated on their own merits and all personal information disclosed
will remain confidential.

Please send abstracts and inquiries to symposium.mgss -at-


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