Baronial Bardic Championship
HL Volu-Ingibiorg

December 2nd is Mag Mor's "Yule Court," when the current Bardic Champion (Hi, that's me!) steps down and the next one steps up.  During dinner that evening, entrants will perform (or cause to be performed) their pieces for everyone, and a winner will be picked.  This is a pretty chill contest, so whether you're highly experienced or you've never done anything like this before, whether you're certain you're excellent or you're certain you won't win, please join in the fun.
The theme is "Remembered in Story and Song."  Entrants should perform and/or write a piece about a hero, set in period or in the current Middle Ages.  Pieces can be song, story, poetry, monologue, mime...  Material being as large a part of bardic as performance, we are specifically also opening this year's contest to entrants who write things to be performed but don't perform their work themselves.  If you need a "stunt reader," contact me at [log in to unmask] and I'll see what I can do.

About the championship post itself: The responsibility of the bardic champion is to "represent/support the barony" in terms of bardic, though what exactly "represent/support" means is up to the champion and the baronage.  Traditionally, Mag Mor's bardic champion will sing (or will appoint someone to sing) the barony's anthem to process our baronage into Courts.  (Including "Winter War Maneuvers" and "Cattle Raids.")  I'm one of at least a couple people happy to teach the song, provide backup, or pinch hit, so don't let concerns about that keep you from entering!  If you help process our baronage into Court, you have the option of standing behind the baronial thrones, meaning you get to see the faces of people called into Court at Winter War Maneuvers and Cattle Raids.  Seeing friends' expressions as they get kingdom awards is truly wonderful.  (That reminds me: it's time to be writing award recs for anyone you think deserves an award.)

If you have any questions, please contact me at [log in to unmask]

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