Hi all, I'm coming in late to the conversation so it may have been said already... I LOVE drawing on my iPad pro (10.5in). I have the apple pencil, and I use Procreate. I got it a year ago, and I felt a little guilty that it might be an extravagance I didn't need. Now, a year later, I feel like it's the one tool that's really changed the way I work. It's freed me up from my desk, and I'm enjoying the brainstorming and the early sketch phase of projects so much more.  As a long time Cintiq user I was skeptical that I'd get much from drawing on the iPad.  It turns out, it's actually better than Photoshop for drawing. With the app Procreate, it's a totally intuitive drawing experience, and things like smudging works so much better. No, it's still not the same as drawing with real paper and pencil, but it's fun in its own way! Apple's pencil let's you do things like turn the pencil on it's side for broad strokes, that just don't work as they should with a wacom tablet (at least for me!). I mentioned that I like it for early sketching, but I also use it for fully-finished spot-art as well. When I'm doing full scene compositions I'll still come back to my desktop, Adobe and 3d programs, but for single images I love drawing the whole thing on the iPad (Procreate does export to PSD format). I've also tried Autodesk's Sketchbook, which I really like, but it limits your canvas size and it's too small for most of my work. 

One more thing about ProCreate -- it records your drawing process and exports as MP4s. If I ever got on social media ;-), I'd post the videos to my feeds. So how much does it cost? $9.99 one time purchase. Gotta like that!  

Oh, and I also use Microsoft OneNote to take hand-written notes and draw the SUPER early thumbnails for projects. There are a couple of other good hand-writing apps, but so far OneNote has worked best for me (I was surprised, as I'm not a huge Microsoft person). I used to use Evernote religiously (also great for storing recipes), but the drawing/handriting just worked better in OneNote. 

Have fun!

Nicolle R. Fuller

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 12:05 PM masha kirikova <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi Stephen,

As an anti-gadget freak I might not be a useful source of information for you. But still. Not having neither smartphone, nor Facebook I use an Instagram for business showing some drawings. I prepare pics and texts using PC, then transfer it through DropBox to iPad, upload it and voila! PC has no all the possibilities of a gadget in the case of Instagram, smartphone has no big picture to check and double-check the quality before uploading. iPad is useful in that case. 
Secondly, I as many others use it to show my portfolio. 

On Saturday, November 24, 2018, 7:15:57 PM GMT+3, Stephen DiCerbo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

   Hi  friends....

its been a while since I have been on this side of the Rrrippped
column,  but it is always good to know this listserve resource is here
for us.

After a very long time with some thin spots in my technology blanket,
especially with Apple products, I took advantage of a Black Friday deal
yesterday while upgrading my iPhone, and I
have  filled a gap, specifically  in the tablet position, and procured
(currently back-ordered) an iPad.  12.9 inch iPad Pro (2018) 256GB

I expect it to fill most of the technical duty gap between my laptop
(PC) and my iphone and offer me more flexibility, especially in my
work.   I do not like using my phone for "computing"  and aside from
scrolly scrolly scrolly checking Facebook in the doctors waiting room, 
I use my phone mostly for phone calls, reluctantly texting on a tiny
screen with stubby fingers, and "emergency" quick and dirty photos- more
so as he camera functions has improved over time.

So I am excitedly exploring the possibilities that the iPad might bring,
and I am looking for ideas and suggestions based on your usage of the
same or similar tablet products in your daily life and for your art and

At this  point, I see myself using it at the kitchen island on a "stand"
or clamp   (  I seem to remember a thread on clamping/mounting solutions
for tablets in the past) for my recipes, stored digitally, and
eliminating the annoying need to print hard copy recipes out  for use.

Similarly, I use reference photography at lot in my work, particularly
with my fish, and anticipate the same use in the Studio as in the
kitchen with the iPad, and elimination of the same time and material
spent on printing.

I image that it would serve very well as a carry around digital
portfolio folder that I can use while pitching woo.

I look forward to it functioning much better as a "cash register" with
the Square up  App than my iphone currently does while selling my work
in field locations.

I also have experienced past disappointment in seeking out a particular
app for work or entertainment use only to find that there was no PC
version to use on my laptop or desktop, both PC  . (did I mention I
don't like to compute on my phone ?)   So I hope the new equipment will
help there.

Having spent a "apple" bushel full of money for this thing-a-ma-bob ,  I
wish to get as much functional use out of it as possible.  So  I beseech
you all to share how, and for what, you use your tablets to help you
with your work ad everyday life.

Ideas about adaptations, accessories, apps and creative out of the box
uses are also much welcomed.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys the upcoming
holidays. I look forward to much increased in studio and creativity time
during the "off" season in the North Woods.

Yours in artistic expression,

Stephen Mutsugoroh DiCerbo

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