I thought this would be of interest to those on the list who do animations and especially space animations and visualizations. This is a music masterpiece by Grammy award winning composer Eric Whitacre, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a virtual choir, with breathtaking visualizations and animations by artists of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSI), artfully woven into film production by 59 Productions. 

Eric Whitacre was inspired by the incredible images taken by the Hubble telescope when "it was pointed to a tiny and completely dark patch of sky for a total exposure time of about six days. What it revealed was an image that contained over 3,000 galaxies scattered across space and time."

Set yourself the time to indulge, watch, and listen to this exhilarating piece:

I'm actually one of the bits of stardust singers in the production -- one of over 8,000 singers who recorded virtually and became part of the universe of the production. I feel most honored to have played a teeny tiny speck of a role in this piece. (My singing head appears at 20:53 and my name is in the credits.)

Enjoy, my Fellow Travelers, 

Marla L. Coppolino


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