I just got this hot off the medical illustrators listserv--a great way 
to reduce your cost for the Adobe full subscription.  I did this all 
last year--and just followed these steps to renew at the lower 
promotional price. Golden!

    Julia Stack says:
    I know we are all tired of Adobe and their subscription model but so
    many still use it. I think I had posted about Adobe's Black Friday
    special last year and I saw they have it again. My annual membership
    from last year has been $39.99 monthly and was going up to $52.99. I
    was able to cancel since it was the last month of the annual
    membership and subscribe again for another year of $39.99 per month.
    Call or do an online chat with Adobe if you have questions or need

    Here's the link to the deal, good til Nov 23rd.

    Carolyn Holmes says:

    I just went online to cancel and resubscribe and when I pressed the
    "cancel" button they gave me the opportunity to resubscribe at the
    $39 level. So you don't actually have to cancel this year, you just
    have to act like you are going to. What a silly rigmarole!  Anyway,
    its an easy 5 minute exercise to save $144/yr.

Happy Thanksgiving all!




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