Dear sciart subsribers, dear illustrators!
I was too shy to ask for help, but kept reading all the messages for years. The time has come for me to ask for the first time. Thank you very much for all your stories, questions and answers! It was like a second university and a window to outer space to me. 
I used to draw for Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, for science institutions as well, such as Moscow Zoo, local reserves, Zoological museum, several databases from Australia to Russia and etc.. My main interest was some local species, especially endangered. Callicore cynosura was not my choice, but I tried to make a painting with a plant as well as the butterfly. The Philodendron became my choice. I did my best to find an appropriate plant from Peru, asked the best butterfly specialist of Latin America for help. He was not sure about the particular Philodendron erubescens, but agreed with Philodendrons in general. Here is my first result, but I'm ready to redo it with a better plant if erubescens is a failure.
Please, have you ever been to Peru (or some neighbouring countries with callicores) and seen Philodendron erubescens growing there, write me your 'yes' or 'no'. I can not put this work to my portfolio either call it an end of the story and place my name under it because of this uncertainty. 
Thank you very much for your attention!Masha Kirikova
Skype: kirikdesign

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