Thanks Gail

      the adapter and HDMI cable for presentations sounds like something 
important for me to work out, for remote site presentations, and also 
for my workshops, I have a flatscreen on the wall for that purpose...  
Is there something special software wise that is needed for the TV to 
mirror the iPad?


On 11/24/2018 11:55 AM, Gail Guth wrote:
> Hi, Stephen,
> I'm on my third iPad and first iPhone, so I can relate. (My phone is 
> an itty-bitty 5S also, so computing on it is a no-go). Love my iPads 
> for all the reasons you indicated. I keep my oldest one clamped to my 
> drawing table in my basement studio. When I need reference pix, I can 
> get them from the internet or plop my own into Dropbox and have them 
> handy, no printing as you indicate.
> My latest iPad is all-purpose, love it on a trip as it's GPS, library, 
> portfolio and entertainment hub all in one: I do 99% of my reading now 
> on the iPad, as I love to be able to look things up quickly as I am 
> reading, or follow along on a map (even for fiction, that's fun); you 
> can, of course, watch full programs and movies, and the iPad screen is 
> far better than a phone screen for that.  I have Keynote presentations 
> if I want to show off my portfolio (I have several different ones, 
> sketches, full portfolio, botanical, etc). With a long HDMI cable and 
> an adapter, I can display my portfolio or photo albums on a TV (the 
> adapter has an HDMI plus a lightning port, and a short lightning cable 
> end to plug into the iPad; with the lightning port I can plug in a 
> long lightning power cable and keep it fired up while the presentation 
> is running. I believe with Apple TV you can broadcast directly without 
> the cables but that is a wild guess, as I have Roku.
> You can also get an adapter to load up photos from a sim card. and I 
> just put a lightning/USB flash drive on my Christmas list, that will 
> be handy.
> I have never gone very far using the drawing programs but that's on me 
> for lack of trying. they are fun but require practice to be able to do 
> anything good. I bought a Brydge bluetooth keyboard for it and love 
> it, super quality and it acts as a case to boot.
> I have various stylii, including one that has a brush head on it (yes, 
> it works like a brush!) but I've never used any of them very much.
> the biggest problem I've had is switching from the iPad to Bob's 
> laptop, I'm constantly trying to move stuff on the screen and gosh, it 
> doesn't work that way!!  LOL.
> If I think of anything else I'll let you know. enjoy!
> --Gail
> (PS - I passed on the 2nd iPad to Bob, he enjoys the games)
> On 11/24/18 11:15 AM, Stephen DiCerbo wrote:
>>      Hi  friends....
>> its been a while since I have been on this side of the Rrrippped
>> column,  but it is always good to know this listserve resource is here
>> for us.
>> After a very long time with some thin spots in my technology blanket,
>> especially with Apple products, I took advantage of a Black Friday deal
>> yesterday while upgrading my iPhone, and I
>> have  filled a gap, specifically  in the tablet position, and procured
>> (currently back-ordered) an iPad.  12.9 inch iPad Pro (2018) 256GB
>> I expect it to fill most of the technical duty gap between my laptop
>> (PC) and my iphone and offer me more flexibility, especially in my
>> work.   I do not like using my phone for "computing"  and aside from
>> scrolly scrolly scrolly checking Facebook in the doctors waiting room,Â
>> I use my phone mostly for phone calls, reluctantly texting on a tiny
>> screen with stubby fingers, and "emergency" quick and dirty photos- more
>> so as he camera functions has improved over time.
>> So I am excitedly exploring the possibilities that the iPad might bring,
>> and I am looking for ideas and suggestions based on your usage of the
>> same or similar tablet products in your daily life and for your art and
>> illustrations.
>> At this  point, I see myself using it at the kitchen island on a "stand"
>> or clamp   (  I seem to remember a thread on clamping/mounting solutions
>> for tablets in the past) for my recipes, stored digitally, and
>> eliminating the annoying need to print hard copy recipes out  for use.
>> Similarly, I use reference photography at lot in my work, particularly
>> with my fish, and anticipate the same use in the Studio as in the
>> kitchen with the iPad, and elimination of the same time and material
>> spent on printing.
>> I image that it would serve very well as a carry around digital
>> portfolio folder that I can use while pitching woo.
>> I look forward to it functioning much better as a "cash register" with
>> the Square up  App than my iphone currently does while selling my work
>> in field locations.
>> I also have experienced past disappointment in seeking out a particular
>> app for work or entertainment use only to find that there was no PC
>> version to use on my laptop or desktop, both PC  . (did I mention I
>> don't like to compute on my phone ?)   So I hope the new equipment will
>> help there.
>> Having spent a "apple" bushel full of money for this thing-a-ma-bob ,  I
>> wish to get as much functional use out of it as possible.  So  I beseech
>> you all to share how, and for what, you use your tablets to help you
>> with your work ad everyday life.
>> Ideas about adaptations, accessories, apps and creative out of the box
>> uses are also much welcomed.
>> I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys the upcoming
>> holidays. I look forward to much increased in studio and creativity time
>> during the "off" season in the North Woods.
>> Yours in artistic expression,
>> Stephen Mutsugoroh DiCerbo
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