Hi all:

   Just briefly because we're getting there but not like: today. ASU's natural history collections have been funded to serve as the main (almost sole with some key exceptions such as ticks and certain legacy vertebrate/tissue samples) NEON Biorepository for organismal samples. This happened in mid August of this year. So the samples are coming here:

   And we've been receiving many hundreds to thousands of 50 mL Falcon tubes primarily with pitfall trap by-catch from "all over the place" already. A Symbiota portal for these is being built and will complement the main NEON data portal. < 6 months ETA is a statement I have a lot of confidence in.

   Though I don't subscribe to this dichotomy in a strict sense, one might think of the Biorepository as more like an infrastructure/service on one side, where towards the other side there are NSF research funds available through programs like this to do novel research. You may gather by surveying project titles here (most recent set of 2018 awards) that there are opportunities to find the right balance between projects that do and don't utilize Biorepository samples.

   If this is something you wish to explore right now, it can be by contacting me.

Best, Nico