Dear AFEE folks,

I have a series of Principles books that will be coming out over the next
year from Routledge. The first book, entitled *The Evolution of Economic
Ideas and Systems: A Pluralist Introduction*, will be out in two weeks.

This book is intended as a supplement to a standard Principles text for
instructors who want their students to understand the discipline more
broadly. In the first chapter, I describe and contrast mainstream and
various heterodox approaches. Subsequently, the book describes the
evolution of economic systems prior to capitalism (readers will recognize
the Polanyi-derived focus here). I then take up Smith, Marx, Veblen, Keynes
and Hayek in the historical context in which their ideas appeared. The book
concludes with a chapter on modern economic systems that contrasts U.S.
style capitalism with European social democracies and state-dominated
economic systems such as the one in China.

In March, the second book in the series will be available, entitled
Principles and Problems: A Pluralist Introduction*. It will include the
history and history of thought material, some standard mainstream micro,
some behavioral economics, and lots of heterodox insights on micro as well.
This is a multi-paradigmatic book that contrasts mainstream economics with
heterodox economics on each major topic.

By late 2019, the Macro Principles and full Principles texts should also be

Let me know if you would like more information about the books.

All my best,

Geoff Schneider

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