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My apologies if you are receiving the following message from multiple avenues.  I am trying to ensure that the broader AFEE community, as well as all current members, and all participants in the AFEE @ ASSA sessions in Atlanta receive the following details.


Eric Hake


December 17, 2018

Greetings AFEE Colleagues,

I am pleased to share the results of the AFEE Election for officers and board members as well as other key details about our upcoming Atlanta conference. All sessions, meetings, and special events are at Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland St. NE

1)  AFEE Election results:

David Zalewski – President

Christopher Brown - President Elect

Ann Davis – Board of Directors 2019-2021 (through the meeting of Jan 2022)

Daphne Greenwood – Board of Directors 2019-2021 (through meeting of Jan 2022)

Congratulations to all, and special thanks as well to Rojhat Avsar and Wilfred Dolfsma for their willingness to serve AFEE governance and the work of the Nomination Committee (Tonia Warnecke (c), Felipe Almeida, Dell Champlin, Anna Klimina, and John Watkins).

2)  AFEE @ ASSA Sessions – Urgent Request to All Available AFEE Members and Program Participants

The ASSA has adopted a specific rule for altering the allocation of sessions to ASSA program participants. This rule has placed AFEE in an at risk category.  The practice of counting and recording program participants at these sessions has been in place for some time.  ASSA has now shared their rule for using this information.

If you are attending the AFEE @ ASSA meetings in Atlanta, please make a special effort to attend, and remain, at as many sessions as your calendar will allow.  Program paper co-authors on the schedule should be encouraged to attend if possible.  Please consider arriving early, and staying till the end.  The ASSA is counting heads at the beginning and end of every session, subtracting the number of names included on the program session, and then recording mean program attendance of every association. If the four year median session attendance falls below 13, ASSA will reduce the allocation of AFEE sessions by TWO.  AFEE’s current four-year median session attendance is 14.5.

3)  Special Events at AFEE @ ASSA conference in Atlanta. In addition to the Regular Program, please consider participating and celebrating our special events.

AFEE Annual Board Meeting – Thursday January 3, Room 203.  Open to membership.

Veblen Commons Award – Janet Knoedler, Bucknell University: “The Culture of (Dis)contentment” VC Luncheon Friday 12:00 – 2:15 PM Crystal Room C & D.  Reservations still being accepted until 10 AM December 21st.

AFEE Annual Membership Meeting – Friday 4:45 – 6:15 Room Crystal F

  1. AFEE Service Award – Stephen Paschall, Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks LLP
  2. JEI Editor’s Prize – Natalia Bracarense and Karol Gil Vasques; “Bolivia’s Institutional Transformation: Contact Zones, Social Movements, and the emergence of an Ethnic Class Consciousness.”

AFEE Presidential Address – Charles Whalen, SUNY Buffalo School of Law. “Institutional Economics and the Job Guarantee: Reclaiming the ‘Right to Work’ as a Cornerstone of Progressive Capitalism.” Saturday, 4:45 – 6:15 Room Crystal F

AFEE Cocktail Reception – Saturday 6:30 – 8:30 Room Crystal D


Thank for your consideration of the points above. If you have any additional questions, please follow up as below. I look forward to seeing many of you in Atlanta!

Eric R. Hake
AFEE Secretary/Treasurer
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Teresa Rowell
AFEE Coordinator
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Eric R. Hake

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