What would be the financial implications for this entire ASSA enterprise if the affected heterodox associations were to withdraw en masse?

To what extent is it necessary or even desirable that heterodox associations should have to tolerate this abuse of monopoly power?

Is there a way of heterodox associations getting out from under the AEA by claiming a separate (e.g. political economy) space under the ASSA umbrella?

My apologies for asking what may be construed as dumb questions.


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The formula that the AEA will apply now appears extraordinarily complex. I think it would be worthwhile to have a mathematical heterodox economist go through it in every detail and check the implications (with some computer simulation of its range, at best). My suspicion would be that some clever AEA mathematical economists designed it to install another cumulative mechanism in favor of the big associations …

Wolfram Elsner.

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Dear AFEEfolks,

I want to make you aware of a new AEA attack on heterodox economics association sessions at the ASSA conference. As many of you know, the AEA cut AFEE sessions (and those of other heterodox associations) significantly about a decade ago. They are now threatening a new round of cuts.

Last month, the heterodox associations received a letter notifying us of a new rule that will be used to reduce sessions. Any association with a low median attendance (below 13) at their sessions will face session cuts of up to 20%. The AEA plans to use a 4 year average of the medians for the association so that an association is not impacted by one bad year.

The AEA takes attendance near the beginning and towards the end of each session. They reduce the audience count by one for each presenter (paper, discussant, and chairperson) listed on the program.

There are some important implications for AFEE members.
(1) Attend the conference if you can.
(2) If you do attend, please go to every session possible and stay from the beginning to the end.
(3) If you are on the program at the conference and you cannot attend, inform the program chair immediately so your name can be removed from the program. That way you will not detract from the session numbers.

I also encourage all ICAPE conference attendees to stay around for the ASSA meetings and to attend as many sessions as possible.


Geoff Schneider

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