Dec. 11th is the 110th anniversary of Elliott Carter’s birth, and on this day we are pleased to announce publication of volume 3 of Elliott Carter Studies Online, with contributions by Nancy Black, Marguerite Boland, Guy Capuzzo, Elliott Carter, Laura Emmery, and Gregor Herzfeld. You can find the new issue here:

And here is the TOC:


"Fancy and Diligence: Carter's 'Notation of Polyrhythms' in his Piano Concerto"
Gregor Herzfeld


"'Workshop Minnesota': Elliott Carter's Analysis of Luigi Nono's Il canto sospeso"
Laura Emmery

Elliott Carter interviewed by Chris Mullis (December 8, 1998)

"Preparing for a Premiere: The Score of Carter's Piano Sonata Annotated by James Sykes"
Marguerite Boland

"In the middle of a fire you suddenly get a whiff of apple pie":
Nancy Black interviewed by Marguerite Boland (August 17, 2018)


"Balancing the Familiar and the Unfamiliar: Three Elliott Carter Pieces with Quiet Endings"
Guy Capuzzo
Best to all,
John Link
Marguerite Boland
Elliott Carter Studies Online 
ISSN 2573-055X


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