While it has been more than a decade since I was on the Board, one thing 
that I am sure is still true:  they *do* read and take into 
consideration commentary from the membership. Many fewer people than you 
would think actually bother to comment on things, which means that 
sometimes a very small number of comments received can influence policy. 
So yes, if you do have an opinion about either the survey itself or the 
questions it addresses, write to the Board! Now, if they get a great 
deal of commentary, you may receive what looks like a canned response. 
That's because without exception, every single Director is a volunteer 
who also holds a real-world, full-time job. Sometimes if an issue gets a 
lot of comments, a single director will be assigned to deal with all of 
it so as to make responses consistent. But the whole Board gets the 
comments and sees them.

Other tips for writing the Board, that maybe should go without saying 
but don't:

1. Be polite. The Board gets a lot of angry diatribes, and angry 
diatribes not only don't help, they actually hurt, because they make it 
easier to circle the wagons.
2. Use standard English writing conventions. Spelling, capitalization, 
and punctuation are actually still important. You don't have to be 
flawless, but try to avoid sounding as though your formal education 
stopped at age eight. "Might as well have been written in crayon" was a 
descriptor we used when I was on the Board for certain letters that 
lacked any concept of business writing conventions.
3. Be as brief as you can and still get your point or information across.
4. Include your membership number if you are a member--commentary from 
paid members has more influence. (You may agree or disagree with that, 
but it is nonetheless true.)
5.  *Sign* your damn email! With your real name. Including an SCA name 
is fine, and encouraged, but make sure your real name is on it. 
Anonymous communication is not considered communication, and the mere 
presence of an email address in the header doesn't constitute a signature.


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