Hi All:

I am preparing newsletters for my upcoming 2019 workshops. I encountered a curious issue with MailChimp and wondered if any of you have encountered the same issue.
I have the free version which allows 2000 addresses and 12K emails a month.
I had a mailing list of 467, and sent out one newsletter. However, in my haste, I forgot to update the mailing list before it sent, so I created a second "List" with about 25 emails.  It accepted that and the newsletter was sent from that second "List".

Ok, again, it's a hasty day, and I found that I had still about 15 emails to update, so created a third "List" . It now won't accept the upload of the small file, saying I have reached my limit and need to purchase a larger package.

My account says I only have used 501 addresses of my 2000. So, WHAT GIVES?

I can do a workaround and personally send the last 15 out. Then go in and combine all the three lists into one. Fine. But this still does not make sense.  There is no chat or tech support in the free version. The knowledgebase has a zillion topics, but I cannot search it to answer my problem.  No way to contact them, unless I buy a larger package. phhht

Any advice?
Any other bulk email services you prefer?  

Many thanks!
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615


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