Barbara Hopkins sent me this update on the faculty strike at Wright State University.  She asked me to forward it to the list.  It is an important story.

Jim Peach


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       Thanks so much for the support.  Please feel free to forward this to the AFEE list, which I do not have access to.

We have been on strike for a short week in temperatures from 8 degrees to 40 and some days with snow or rain.  This Wednesday is supposed to be even colder.  Yesterday, SERB (State Employment Relations Board)  -- all republican appointees – rejected their filing that the strike was “unauthorized” in part because we object to their position on workload (their position is that we do not get to bargain).  At least they are now negotiating (which they would not do after we rejected the fact-finders report.)

Here is their latest PR debacle:

From the beginning this has been about Union-busting, so a great deal of damage has been done to the University, but a lot of people are going to accept the President’s myth-making and blame faculty for this. So, it is going to be ugly for a long time.


I should also tell you, as an expert in these things, that when the financial stuff was finally acknowledged by the board of trustees, they imposed 10% budget cuts on academic units and increased the athletics funding by 1 million (when they had been going over budget every year for years).  They also pushed an initiative to move our basketball team from Division II to Division I (because apparently that is the best use of scarce funds.)



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   I am glad the Wright State University faculty have the courage to do this.  Can you give us an update?  I am attaching my letter of resignation from NMSU which also came about as a result of terrible regents.




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