Hi Janet,

Thank you.  I have three short comments:


1/If one understands the phenomenon of nationalculture, he cannot reject Trump. The wall is about the unchangeable culturaltraits of immigrant populations, which might destroy your country if they stayunchecked. Unfortunately, there is no greater ignorance than in matters ofculture and your admired author si no exception;


2/Trump scores even higer regarding free global trade,which is an impossible institutional setting in a world of coercive nationalstates. It is nothing more than a shameless manipulatory policy conceived bythe powerful Western groups.  No one had the courage to tackle that exceptTrump;


3/Veblen was on  about right track but he achieved less than acoherent solid perspective able to remove the heavily manipulatory Westernorthodox economics.  Bringing him in to tacle the problems which Trumpsscrambles to solve is not proper.


My best,
Paul Fudulu 
Professor of Economics, 
University of Bucharest, 
The Faculty of Political Science, 
3, Negru Voda,  030774 Bucharest. 

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 Dear AFEEfolx:

Readers of this list should be interested in this article from Salon.Com, by Sidney Plotkin.

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