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One of my students, Laura Lin, an Econ senior is working on her capstone undergraduate thesis -- She is looking for any suggestions on studies, readings, data on the following topic. 

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From my student Laura Lin at Saint Michael's College:

"I am studying the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA) policy and its effects, particularly how a policy change that alters funding restrictions can impact available health services. I hope to find a relationship between a change in funding amounts and a change in women’s health outcomes. While this naturally means a focus on women’s sexual and reproductive health due to the specific terms of the PLGHA, I am also interested in seeing how other health services and subsequent outcomes are affected – for example, if an organization provides abortion-related services in one country but HIV/AIDS treatment in another or the same country."

I have sent a query to the IAFEE listserv as well. My apologies for filling up your inboxes with a duplicate query.

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