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On January 4, the Wright State administration and Board unilaterally imposed a contract on the full-time teaching faculty represented by AAUP-WSU. Our members subsequently voted to strike: specifically, 87% of the full-time teaching faculty are AAUP members; 95% of eligible voters voted; and 85% voted to strike. The strike will begin on Tuesday, January 22. We sent out the following to the community. Please share widely.


This is a struggle against corporatization of the University. 


Barbara Hopkins

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AAUP-WSU’s Executive Committee’s Open Letter to Our Friends in the Community
January 16, 2019

Full-time faculty members at Wright State University now face a difficult situation. Following two years of failed negotiations, the administration has unilaterally imposed an unfavorable, unfair, and unreasonable contract on the faculty. We believe that accepting their contract would lead to a reduction in the quality of education at the University and adversely impact our working conditions. For these reasons, we have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike, which will begin on January 22, 2019.

For a taste of who our faculty are and what they do, please visit

We do NOT want to go on strike, but the stakes have never been higher. Over the past several years, our students, the local workforce, and the region’s economy have been negatively impacted by the administration’s poor stewardship. We must stand up to a Board of Trustees that continues to be fiscally reckless and that prioritizes an expensive basketball program and real estate boondoggles while slashing support for the university’s academic mission, including deep cuts to the library.

The administration’s imposed contract is overwhelmingly negative for the community we serve, our students, and the faculty. We cannot permit our students to suffer the inevitable decline in quality of education if faculty are forced to teach more and even larger classes, if critical courses are offered much less frequently, and if Wright State is unable to recruit and retain the best educators and researchers. We cannot permit our alumni from having their WSU degrees devalued – but that is what will certainly occur if the administration/Board is allowed to continue attacking the academic core of our University.

Already, some top faculty who have been at our University for years have left WSU (or have entered the job market) because they recognize that the administration and Board do not respect or value faculty; we cannot permit that hemorrhaging to continue.

Like other members of the university community we have also not received raises for five of the last eight years and do not expect any raises in the near future.But, we’re
NOT striking over raises.

We are taking a stand over the following issues:
· Our legal right to bargain over healthcare benefits and receive insurance that does not burden the sick and lowest paid among us
· Our ability to maintain the educational quality of courses offered
· Our need for job security
· Our right to expect that performance and merit pay are measured and determined objectively rather than by who is friendly with administrators
· Our right to expect to be paid for the all of the work we do, without the threat of furloughs

Want to help? Here’s what you can do to support WSU faculty:

1. Contact Doug Fecher, CEO of WPCU (Wright-Patt Credit Union) and Chair of WSU’s Board, and tell him you want to maintain the value of a degree from Wright State by making sure faculty don’t have to compromise their ability to teach and conduct research. Ask them to negotiate with faculty! He may be reached at ([log in to unmask]).

2. Stay up to date. Follow the AAUP-WSU on social media and post your support:
· Facebook: AAUP Wright State University
· Twitter: @aaupwsu
· Instagram: @aaupwrightstate
· #RedforEd #fighting4Wright #faculty4students #aaupwsu

3. Volunteer. We need community and alumni allies to help us get the word out to others about the strike. If you are interested in joining the picket line or volunteering in any other way, contact [log in to unmask]. Or you can stop by the AAUP-WSU office on the WSU campus in Medical Sciences 113, or in our nearby strike headquarters – to be announced and opened soon.

4. Talk with your family and friends about the importance of affordable, high-quality public education in the state of Ohio and why it is crucial to support the Wright State faculty in their efforts to achieve a fair contract that preserves quality for students. Most Wright State alumni reside locally, and they contribute greatly to our region.

5. If you would like to sponsor coffee, food, or materials for striking faculty, please contact [log in to unmask]

For more information, please visit our website at



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