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The schedule of classes for the 2019 Clothiers Seminar is now available at  (scheduled rooms are subject to change, but not class times).

The schedule this year features a Martial Clothing Track organized by Sir Mathieu Chartrain, with classes by Duke Ashir, Mistress Eowyth þa Siðend, Master Jack Banyard, and Sir Mathieu!

We still have space available if you have any heraldic garb for the display at this year’s Clothiers! Please email [log in to unmask] to get your heraldic garb on the list for the display! Lady Zarah bat Chesed will make sure your garb gets displayed and returned to you!

If you will be wearing your heraldic garb rather than have it in the display, please consider signing up to participate in the Walk Through History!  You can sign up in advance on the form available through the event web page, or by filling out an information card at the event.

Some instructors will be making their class handouts available on a CD available at the event, and/or at the Clothiers website for a limited time after the event.  Please ask at Gate if you would like a copy of the CD, which we are distributing free of charge.

Many thanks to the many fine instructors who make it possible for us to have Clothiers Seminar!

Yours in Service,

Mèstra Giraude Benet
HL Caitlin nic Raighne
Event Stewards
2019 Clothiers Seminar
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