I give my permission to publish my contact information in the runestaff as Mag Mor's Herald. Let me know if you need to know what that contact info actually is.

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 3:22 PM Patricia Galbraith <[log in to unmask] wrote:
Greetings from your chronicler.

I am unable to be at Moot tonight; here is my report.

Submissions to the Runestaff should reach me by Monday, as usual.  However, I have received a directive from Kingdom regarding the newsletter.  Henceforth, all electronic newsletters must include contact information for branch officers.  I must also have, in writing, permission from each officer to publish your information.  

So, if all Baronial officers would send me an email permitting me to publish your name, address, phone #, and email, the Runestaff can remain a Society-legal newsletter.  

My thanks.  


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-- Manage your subscription at https://LISTSERV.UNL.EDU