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Are you looking for reference books, or applications to create the graphs and diagrams?…will share the first things that come to mind in both depts, but a bit more clarification would be great : )


If she wants some basic knowledge in graphic design I recommend a book I recently discovered (but it’s not new) that gives a great intro to good graphic design: GO: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design by Chip Kidd. Super fun and easy read for any audience.


I still use Microsoft Excel for plugging numbers and getting simple graphs, and then design it in Adobe Illustrator (I despise using Microsoft to design anything, lol).


And, whenever I present my “Graphic Design for Scientists” seminar, I always highlight what I learned were the 2 MOST important things to consider when designing anything: 1) who is your audience 2) what knowledge do you want them to understand as a result of interacting with your graph/diagram. I’m guessing because it’s her grad thesis, her audience is pretty set, but she still has to consider what she wants to communicate to them.


PS. I thought this was an interesting agro-article that might stir some ideas/thoughts for your student?



Hope that helps and I love the quote you have with your signature!



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Good Morning 

I have a student looking for resources to help guide her in designing the best graphs and diagrams for her graduate thesis in agronomy science. I am wondering what everyone would recommend these days. 


THANKs in advance for your assistance.


Have a great day!



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