Dear Stephen,

                          The budget is still being worked out but I anticipate there will be a student rate for registration. Most people in Australia use Air B&B. There are lots of backpacker places in Brisbane too.

The UQ Student Union site may be of some help.

The suburb guide might be of help choosing somewhere too.

Did you see the cheap fare deals?

Hope that helps,



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Hello all! 


My name is Stephen, and I’m trying to find out a way to go to the Conference this summer.  I’m still an undergrad, so I don’t have that big of a budget, and I’m looking for any way to cheapen the trip.  Are there any volunteer opportunities that could lower the cost of the conference itself? As well, does anyone know of any reliable homestay or something similar websites to try and find some cheap housing while I’m there in Australia?

Thank you very much,
Stephen Nachtsheim


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