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When would we expect to know anything about the actual conference program?  It is hard to get the airline ticket purchase approved without knowing what it is actually for ~


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Thank you, Jenn. Your information has been so very helpful.

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On 1/18/19 6:25 PM, Jennifer Deutscher wrote:
Most of the previous email's flight deals have been grabbed already but some new ones are out. Here is what I'm seeing now:

LAX - Mid-500s
SFO - $600
Phoenix - $650
Boston - $880 (First time I've seen it under $1000, seems to go on sale less than other major airports)

I've also written up a small user's guide for Google Flights (which is where I find these prices). I can't attach images on this email but you can see the post on the GNSI Facebook group (<>) or here:<>

Another note for flights: Per Geoff's info, the conference runs June 29 - July 6, with June 29 as a rest/arrival day. The core conference is July 1 - July 3. Almost without exception, I have found that the cheapest departure date is Tuesday June 25. Remember that if you're coming from the Americas, we usually lose two days - one to the flight time, one to the date line. A 25th departure would land on the 27th.

Hope this is useful!



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