Thank you, Cat!
True, true, we do a lot of damage by not moving, stretching, frozen in 
postiion.  I can test-ti-fy.....
My favorite trick was to set a really annoying alarm clock way across 
the studio where I would have to get up to shut it off.
I think I broke it.

Thanks for the recommendation.
Happy New Year!
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 1/3/19 9:01 AM, Catherine Wilson wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Happy New Year! I wish you all well paid work and good health. And to 
> help with that I found a fantastic book on ergonomics and exercises 
> for visual artists. It's call Draw Stronger: Self-Care for Cartoonists 
> & Visual Artists 
> <>. 
> It has great guide lines on when to see a doctor, exercises and 
> includes sample routines with stretches for before, after and break in 
> between drawing. It's even on sale right now. Check it out.
> At your service,
> Cat
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