Dear Cather Colleagues,

Marilee Lindemann and I hope that you are--perhaps right now?--dreaming up brilliant Seminar proposals for us to read, and encouraging your grad students, friends, and any Cather scholars you might happen to meet on the street to do the same.  We changed the due date for proposals from Feb. 1 to Feb. 20,  so you still have more than two weeks.  However, I just learned that the original due date is still up in one spot on the WCF website, so I wanted to reassure you that yes, you do still have time!  And if you should need a little bit of extra time, past Feb. 20, just let me know; we can give you a brief extension.  We plan to notify everyone who submits a paper about its acceptance (or not) no later than March 20, to give you plenty of time for registration and travel plans.

Our Seminar plans are looking good.  Check out the information about speakers and activities that's now available on the WCF website (  I also want to remind you that grad students whose paper proposals are accepted for presentation will be eligible to apply for financial support, both from the Foundation and from a group that is especially eager to support graduate students who are presenting at their first Cather scholarly event.  Please pass this information on to graduate student Cather scholars.

If you have any questions or concerns with which I might help, please be in touch.  I'm right here in Virginia--which (by the way) is beautiful in June!

All best,

Ann Romines
Co-Director, !7th International Willa Cather Seminar