We have a federal tax on wealth that is called the Estate Tax.  Conservatives have enacted policies that have have eroded it over many years.  They cleverly call it a Death Tax to appeal to our "rational" voters.  Who wants to be taxed just to die?  I realize that a one time tax on accumulated wealth is not the same as the wealth tax being discussed today.  At least, I hope so. However, the successful attacks demonstrate the political power of the wealthy.  

This does not mean we should that we should not continue the fight, especially given the level of inequality in our financial economy today.  Even Andrew Carnegie supported the Estate Tax.  He said if a person cannot use their wealth for useful purposes while living, that person should not be able to controi it in death.  You never know where support may come from. 

Glen Atkinson

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I would draw your attention to the following article by Sid Carroll:

Carroll, Sidney. "Taxing Wealth: An Accessions Tax Proposal for the U.S." Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 12, no. 1 (1989): 49-69. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.jstor.org.ezproxy.library.astate.edu_stable_4538171&d=DwIF-g&c=Cu5g146wZdoqVuKpTNsYHeFX_rg6kWhlkLF8Eft-wwo&r=LtbujWNPdbzw6j8eq9-RJVMBctp9ndCoqGEy57VsNLQ&m=AhLK9VQU7rKvZAX1LhNvNzDpmZ88uABXyzD4fuf7OLI&s=6s0A_iWc3Bu-dUB6YhiPkFvopg11yYL2ytV-AShQR3s&e=.

Chris Brown
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Thank you for the kind words, Charles Whalen. Institutionalism has always been at least a generation ahead of its time. Plays hell with one's career path if one is seeking the recognition of the leaders of a herd of clueless yahoos, but is more fun than running with the yahoos.


William M. Dugger, Texas Maverick
Professor of Economics University of Tulsa

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Subject: Wealth Tax
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Since Elizabeth Warren has made wealth
taxation a newsworthy topic, I thought I’d remind everyone
that our colleagues Jon Wisman (w/ Larry Sawers) and Bill
Dugger offered wealth tax suggestions in JEI articles some
time ago.




Charles Whalen