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Image from Huntington Library Ms HM 60, f°7, 15th C.

This 2nd day of February AS LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era

My Dearest Cristina

Dawn was still a distant thought when I loaded my wagon and drove to our
dear friend’s estate this very morn. Baroness Kezia
<> stood ready as
I approached, and knowing our long drive ahead, dawdled not while climbing
into the wagon.

The excursion south was chill and the mists lay thick upon the lands. I was
ever so glad to see the sun as it burned off the haze near the end of our
three hour trek.

For this day, a Clothiers gathering occurred just to the south of our own
barony, in the Shire of Cum an Iolar
<>. In
preparation of the coming war, the populace met to discuss the clothing
needs of the soldiers and troop followers and those who hold our lands safe
in the King’s absence.

How to stitch clothing to protect against storm and safeguard against chill
and defend against weapon were all topics of discussion.

Oft I heard our country folk speak of camping arrangements and supply needs
and dividing the burden of war.

Our King Donngal <>
and Queen Catalina
<> walked ever
among Their Populace encouraging and planning.

Around mid day the community came together to see the dress of the
different peoples whom we may encounter in our travels. The Angles and
Ottomans and Franks and Norse and so many other nations will be seen. And
not only in our own kingdom along the trade routes, but mainly at the war,
great groups will be seen on and off the field of battle. The costuming is
a wonder to behold!

As well, displayed for all to learn, were the arms and banner symbols the
ever alert heralds know so well. The arms and symbols are oft seen round
abouts the fields of battle and at tournaments so all can see who is
present or abroad.

Her Excellency Kezia and I, with much regret, departed late afternoon. For
the time spent learning and teaching and sharing knowledge was too short.
Ever wishing to linger with our country folk, yet knowing we faced the the
long drive homeward to our own lands urged us to withdraw. Finding space at
the inn when needed at home seemed self-regarding. So we again loaded our
few belongings back in the wagon and turned north ere the sun set.

Yet, afore we could arrive to our estates the murk once again enveloped the
world. We only knew of the other wagons by the dim outline of the lamps
they carried.

After seeing Kezia safe in her abode, the short trip to mine own estate was
over long and fraught with danger.

The fogs had swallowed even the road so as to not see beyond the nose of my
face. The lamps did no good. And when I finally found my way, I sent my
thanks to the gods.

I am now warm and safe and dry. I have consumed a flagon of ale and eaten a
hearty supper… all of which has allowed my humors to settle. My good
husband, having expected me, had all prepared and ready.

I have now taken pen and parchment and written this missive and am glad to
have done so. For I miss you, my friend, when you are absent, and my heart
is eager to bring you news of happenings around the kingdom.

I pray that you are well, and look forward to your return and the tales of
your adventures in other realms.

With warmest regards,
Nesscia <>

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