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Queen's Prize 2019

Videos courtesy of Mathurin Kebusso

*(Apologies to Elaisse de Garrigues
<>; the video of
your performance was lost)*

These are clips of the complete performances.

Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al- Mai’ez
called Maaz, “A hakawati style reading of stories and histories of Abd
al-Rahman I”

Melanie de la Tour
<>, “Musical
Performance (voice and mandolin) of a John Dowland song, *Awake Sweet Love*”

Pádraigín an Ein i gh
<>, “The
Foulest Place of Mine Arse is Fairer Than Thine Face: Them’s Fighting
Words, A Demonstration in Taboo Language”

*PARENTAL WARNING:  This video contains adult language and themes. *

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