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Summary, February 9, A.S. 53

*In evening court:*
Rafe le Mountere <> – Golden
Calon Swan

*Other court tidings:*
Emma Underfoot <>,
Avalon of the Black Fleet and Scarlet Rose of Oakheart
<> received special mention for
their youth entries.
Lord Finán mac Crimthainn
<> received
the Judges’ Choice prize.
Lady Tessie of Cúm an Iolair (Taraxia de Sousa)
<> received
the Populace Choice prize.
2 newcomers received mugs.
CalonCon bids are due by 1 April.
King’s Companie of Archers bids are due by 1 June.
Lady Elaisse de Garrigues
<> reminded the
populace about the upcoming St. George and the Dragon event, to be held in
conjunction with Bardic Bedlam, in May.
HG Isabeau Beaux Yeux <> swore
fealty as Her Majesty’s Thegn.
Letters of intent to become Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science are due by
Spring Crown Tourney (13 April). Interviews will be at Unslung Heroes (4
Siora Zaneta Baseggio
<> reminded the
populace about the upcoming Knowne Worlde Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in
Andromir Vukovic <>
received the Queen’s Prize.

Unknown Artist. Minstrels with a Rebec & a Lute.
13th c. Manasseh Codex. El Escorial, Madrid. Public domain in the US
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