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Printer, 1568 by Jost Amman

It has been a busy day here at the Falcon Banner.

Covering Queen’s Prize 2019, with the help of Nessica and Dorcas, has been a great joy. Hopefully we provided those of you who could not make it a taste of the wonderful work that was presented. And those of you who were busy judging, being judged or attending meetings, got to see some of what you missed.

In any article, we link folks’ names to their persona page at the Calontiri Wiki.  This is our sister web site that is the loving labor of Mistress Sofya la Rus. Sofya provides a personal page for all Calontiri to show their beautiful faces, their arms, their interests and accomplishments.  These pages can be a much more detailed picture of folks than the official or, not to take anything away from those important resources.

I know my old brain really appreciates it when I can look people up in the Wiki and put a face to the name. How about you?

But, it is in the nature of a wiki that it requires community participation. That means, you need to fill in your own page — or fill in the pages friends for them — in order for it to work.

Sofya has written articles on how to do this, but it is pretty simple:

  1. Email Sofya at [log in to unmask] to set up your page and/or account. Sometimes pages are set up already, in which case
  2. Go to the Basic Instructions page and follow the instructions to add text, photos, arms to the page you want to edit
  3. Edit to your heart’s desire, save it, and the Kingdom will rejoice!

I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to make sure they have a page that reflects them. Why not do it today?


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