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The Bavarian Herald Jörg Rügen around 1510. Public Domain in the US

Come, bring us your stories!

Calontir Storycorps is collecting the recollections of the populace at
Chieftains and Crown Tourney this Spring! We would like to hear and record
SCA stories (or at least involving SCA people): stories you were there for
personally, stories that were told to you, and events/happenings you think
pivotal to our history. We can record your story day of, or you can arrange
a phone-call or to send us your own audio file. Why? We want to fill in the
story of the kingdom, get points of view from our elder members especially,
and ultimately provide a source for future Calontiri to use in creating
performances and written histories in the period style. Please find/contact
me (Elynor) at the event to sign up for an interview!

Legal stuff: In future we may seek to post the actual recordings or
transcripts online so that they may be easily accessible to the populace.To
that end each participant will be asked to sign a Society media release
form, to give permission for use (and which kinds of use: audio,
transcript) at the time of the recording.
Mistress Elynor of Glastonbury
Lord Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al- Mai’ez called Maaz
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