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On the field:
Ívarr fótviss – Iren Hirth
Wilhelm von Brandt – Iren Fyrd

In evening court:
Bero von Wustenbrunner – Torse

Other court tidings:
HRH Kateryn of the Midrealm extended an invitation to the Middle Kingdom’s 50th Year celebration.
Gifts were exchanged between Calontir and the Middle.
Count Matsunaga Kagetora won the Chieftains Mace Tournament.
Duke Hirsch Ross Eichman won the bear pit armored tourney.
Lord Deo MacCillian won a prize for being the most inspirational armored fighter.
Master Raphael from Midrealm won the Steel tournament.
Mistress Sancha Lestrange won that A&S competition.
Mugs were gifted to 6 newcomers.
The Shire of Calanais Nuadh presented largess and a tithe.
Letters of intent to become Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science are due by Spring Crown Tourney (13 April).  Interviews will be at Unslung Heroes (4 May).
The Shire of Wyvern Cliffe presented a tithe.
Letters of intent to become Kingdom Archer General are due by 30 March.
Letters of intent to enter Crown Tournament are due by 5 April.
A boon was begged for Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir to join the Order of the Laurel.

French miniature, 14th Century. Nature offers Machaut three of her children – Sense, Rhetoric, and Music. Public domain in the US

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