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War Master Scheduler

Mistress Elasait

*Hello! I am the Lilies War master scheduler.*

Except for RUSH classes and things directly to do with the Known World
Historic Combat Studies Symposium, everything that appears on the war
schedule goes through me.

   - Got a tourney you want to sponsor? *Contact me!*
   - Got a party you want to throw? *Contact me!*
   - Got a nifty idea for OAFish fun? *Contact the OAFocrats first* to get
   it cleared, and t*hen contac**t me* to get it on the schedule.

I can be reached via email at *[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>*. While people are welcome to contact me via
Facebook in order to ask questions or check if a particular day, time, or
venue is available, it *will need to come through my email in order to
actually end up on the schedule*. That gives me a reliable record of
everything to check on.

I know lots of cool stuff is going to happen at Lilies, and my job is to
make sure it’s on the schedule so people know about it, and to try and help
people avoid conflicts like, oh, a Fyrd tourney up against a Fyrd meeting.
*So, let me know what cool stuff you want me to schedule!*

Please feel free to distribute this on local Facebook groups, etc.

*Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata
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