The seneschal's note says, "If you do not have or want Facebook, remember that you can still read the posts on the barony's public Facebook page." 

I just discovered that you can indeed do so. There's a tiny "Not now" I never paid enough attention to notice at the bottom of the large square popup asking you to log in or create an account. Clicking on it will make Facebook's request take up the bottom quarter of the page instead of the whole center. Sometimes (even without leaving and navigating back to the page) the large center popup will return, but you can close it again each time. 

If you're concerned about the info Facebook collects on non-users by your mere viewing of a Facebook page, in/around the time of the CEO's 2018 congressional hearing he said Facebook deletes non-user data generated this way 10 days after each access. (Although their current Data Policy at doesn't mention non-users any more than the previous ones did, so....) 
Regardless, less "private" data will be made available by a non-user looking at a page on Facebook than is probably already available from incidental info given by your friends/associates/enemies who are users. (Mentioning you in posts, tagging/identifying you in photos, putting your birthday/anniversary in the calendar, etc.)

reminding everyone that, unless given permission, friends don't put friends' birthdays / phone numbers / home addresses in Facebook posts, apps with internet permissions, or address books that upload to Google

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