Pantone color sets are updated every year. How old is your set? Or, how old is Photoshop? Be sure to tell the printer that you are using that specific color. You need to make sure you have a channel set up for the color. That way, regardless, the printer can separate out that color as he’ll need to ink the press with Pantone 377. So if the file is CMYK, it will be CMYK plus Pantone 377 - a 5-color run. Won’t matter what it looks like on screen (which isn’t going to match any way - your monitor is RGB).

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Hi, Everyone -
I'm doing a small job for a client, and need to match their official color, which is Pantone 377. She gave me CMYK numbers as well: 47-7-76-0.

In Photoshop, entering those CMYK values in the color picker produces a much lighter green than I am seeing in their printer materials, and lighter than what I'd like to use.

When I go to the Color Libraries and choose Pantone Solid Uncoated, and enter 377, I get the deeper color I want but the numbers are quite different (60-27-95-8, hex 708f41).

I went online to the Pantone Color picker and entered 377, I got the deeper green with the same hex number but a different CMYK value again, however it is somewhat similar to the CMYK values my client gave me (45-0-100-24)

I am confused. Why all the variation? I'll end up choosing the deeper green but I don't get all the different numbers.


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