Thank you, Britt:

I do use just the basic stuff, and I use the default font as titles which are basic page breaks for me.

Very interesting about the versions. I am considering bringing my OS up to date with the laptop, which is newer, but i hate to up the OS in the middle of job production. I just don't need the headaches. Plus that has brought on the dilemma of signing up for Office 365 or not.  

NOrmally I build the PPT on the desktop which is OS Sierra. But always during a workshop I add photos to address questions that students ask along the way. So if it won't save it "down", then I won't be able to open it on the desktop. hmmm..

I was shocked when I ran the Presenter View on PowerPOint on the laptop with High Sierra. The filmstrip along the bottom was upside down and backwards.  I like the filmstirp feature because I can look ahead and zip right to it.  

Oh, I saw where Keynote can extract the image. Cool feature, I wonder if it retains the original resolution. It doesn't seem to do that in PPT.

AND, does Keynote retain the file name of the original image. I always disliked that in PPT.  just curious.

I know, I know, I'll need to update at least the desktop OS, real soon. So I shall have to decide if I want to purchase Office 365 (phht)

Thank you very much for your advice,

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
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On 2/9/19 10:34 PM, Griswold, Britt (GSFC-279.0)[LUSA Associates] wrote:
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Keynote does a very good job of opening PPT files. Not perfect, I have seen rare instances of issues. It also exports pretty good PPT files. It can not make all it's effect work the same as in PPT, as keynote is a bit more sophisticated, but the basic stuff and some animations will convert. You will need to limit your font choices to ensure compatibility if you are moving the PPT to a PC for display. Video compatibility across platforms can be an issue. Keynote only works on a mac, and the older version can not open newer versions, if you have some machines on older OS and some on newer OS you could run into that issue.

 I actually use Keynote to extract the image content of PPT files when I need to use the art in other situations.



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