I chose to update my desktop OS to Mojave and I'm giving all the third 
party software and printers/scanners a test run.
This did not fix the PowerPoint PresenterView upside down film strip.  I 
suspect that to do that will entail purchasing the upgrade to Office 365.

I am curious that both Office and Adobe wanted me to allow an APP to 
"provide access control to my computer".
This sounds quite invasive. Adobe even used the word "control"...
I searched online for what the "Microsoft AutoUpdate"  did, and it was 
recommended.  They can't update my Office 2011 anyway, but it was 
recommended for the Office 365.

It really bothers me when they want "control" of my computer. hmmmm.

Thank you very much,

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 2/9/19 10:34 PM, Griswold, Britt (GSFC-279.0)[LUSA Associates] wrote:
> Keynote does a very good job of opening PPT files. Not perfect, I have 
> seen rare instances of issues. It also exports pretty good PPT files. 
> It can not make all it's effect work the same as in PPT, as keynote is 
> a bit more sophisticated, but the basic stuff and some animations will 
> convert. You will need to limit your font choices to ensure 
> compatibility if you are moving the PPT to a PC for display. Video 
> compatibility across platforms can be an issue. Keynote only works on 
> a mac, and the older version can not open newer versions, if you have 
> some machines on older OS and some on newer OS you could run into that 
> issue.
>  I actually use Keynote to extract the image content of PPT files when 
> I need to use the art in other situations.
> Britt
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