Original images can be extracted out of Keynote, but the names have been changed to an internal 
Keynote schema.  The sam goes for Power point, but the extraction is not user friendly and may 
require some terminal commands...

I think you may be able to save down both Keynote and PPT to earlier versions, but opening newer 
files on older programs is not going to work. As long as you have both new and old versions of the 
program, you can work around that stuff. You can probably live with a new version of Keynote on your 
laptop and an older version on your desk top as long as you have access tot he laptop to convert 
down when you need to.


On 2/10/19 11:12 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> Thank you, Britt:
> I do use just the basic stuff, and I use the default font as titles which are basic page breaks 
> for me.
> Very interesting about the versions. I am considering bringing my OS up to date with the laptop, 
> which is newer, but i hate to up the OS in the middle of job production. I just don't need the 
> headaches. Plus that has brought on the dilemma of signing up for Office 365 or not.
> NOrmally I build the PPT on the desktop which is OS Sierra. But always during a workshop I add 
> photos to address questions that students ask along the way. So if it won't save it "down", then I 
> won't be able to open it on the desktop. hmmm..
> I was shocked when I ran the Presenter View on PowerPOint on the laptop with High Sierra. The 
> filmstrip along the bottom was upside down and backwards.  I like the filmstirp feature because I 
> can look ahead and zip right to it.
> Oh, I saw where Keynote can extract the image. Cool feature, I wonder if it retains the original 
> resolution. It doesn't seem to do that in PPT.
> AND, does Keynote retain the file name of the original image. I always disliked that in PPT.  just 
> curious.
> I know, I know, I'll need to update at least the desktop OS, real soon. So I shall have to decide 
> if I want to purchase Office 365 (phht)
> Thank you very much for your advice,
> Linda

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