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Collections Manager, NEON Biorepository - Environmental & Zoological Samples (Research Specialist)

The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Life Sciences is seeking a Collections Manager for the National Ecological Observatory Network Biorepository (NEON - https://www.neonscience.org/). This project is expected to run for 30 years. For each project year, the NEON Biorepository at ASU will receive, process, and make available for research an average of 100,000 biodiversity occurrences sampled at more than 80 sites across the United States. We will facilitate this by creating a data portal to support occurrence discovery and tracking of sample transactions and usage statistics. The collections manager will play a critical role in coordinating these tasks by focusing on a diverse suite of environmental and zoological samples that include: thousands of frozen and room temperature-preserved soil samples, wet depositions from terrestrial sites, microbial samples; and furthermore, an array of zoological samples - primarily arthropods (insects, arachnids) and vertebrate samples or specimens (e.g., mammals, fish). The position is therefore relatively broad in scope, and will complement existing positions focused primarily on managing cryo and invertebrate collections. Candidates who consider themselves capable of handling the environmental samples and also have a zoological (in-/vertebrate) concentration that would complement existing strengths of the NEON Biorepository team, are strongly encouraged to apply. An ability to develop new data products to leverage the research potential of environmental/zoological NEON Biorepository samples with the greater community is highly desired. Inquiries can be directed to [log in to unmask].

Envisioned start date: April 1st, 2019.

For more position details and to apply,

1. Go to https://cfo.asu.edu/applicant
 2. Click on "External Staff"
3. Search for "49069BR" (or "NEON")


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