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I’m seeking a highly motivated graduate student for Ph.D. research in systematics. Competitive applicants must have an M.S. in entomology, biology, or a related field with an emphasis on systematics. Their research interest should be in Hymenoptera. This assistantship is funded through a 0.5 time Insect Diagnostician position as described below.

1. Earned M.S. in entomology, biology, or a related field
2. Broad knowledge of insect systematics, other arthropods, and identification

Responsibilities of Insect Diagnostician:
1. Provide identifications of invertebrate animals (arthropods, mollusks, annelids, etc.) and artifacts/damage from these to the public, usually through the Cooperative Extension service at the county level.
2. Provide identification support to faculty and/or university related projects.
3. Cooperate with other diagnosticians (Departments of Plant Pathology, Biology- herbarium and Horticulture) on campus.
4. Cooperate with other relevant agencies such as USDA, CDC, etc.

Interested people can contact me at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>, or visit our departmental web site at


Greg Zolnerowich

Gregory Zolnerowich
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