Type "Don, Sonora Station, Mexico" into Google Earth. Compare with other locations from the trip and see if he was in western Sonora.

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Subject: Friday mystery locality (in Sonora, Mexico)
Hi folks,

I have a mysterious label on the only specimen (so will be a holotype) of a new species of histerid in the genus Phelister. Please see the attached photo. It says pretty clearly ĎMEX., Sonora, Don, [etc]Öí, but I canít figure out where ĎDoní is. It seems maybe to be an abbreviation. The collector, David Lauck, got his PhD from U. of Illinois in 1961 working on Belostomatidae. But I know nothing of him after that. Maybe others know his material or field history, and can help pinpoint this for us? Iíve looked in what of his publications are available to me, and canít find any other specimens cited from the same locality (though other localities from apparently the same trip have shown up).


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