I am interested in how other collections deal with lab colony vouchers? For labs that work on the same colony for years, it seems redundant to have each student voucher individuals from the same colony???? For now, I have the lab as a whole, not individual students, voucher any new 'wild' sources. The individual students then voucher any particular cohort that is referred to in a publication (F4 generation, treatment X).  I decide this on a case by case basis. Does anyone else have a good protocol for this? Karen

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Subject: vouchering best practices

Hi all,

Like many university-based insect collections we stand as a repository for vouchers for research done at Penn State and by affiliated projects. Caring for vouchers is one of our many core missions, and it's a service many (but not enough!) students and PIs take seriously. We're in the process of developing an SOP for vouchering that includes information on labeling, prep standards, minimum data required, a spreadsheet template to help us digitize incoming vouchers, etc. Do any of you have such documentation? 

It's easy for me to describe the importance of vouchers and the standards we expect of this material to be deposited at the Frost Museum. We have a diverse array of research in our department, however, spanning from genomics (of single species in some cases), to systematics, to IPM, community ecology, vector-borne diseases, etc., that it can be hard to give guidance on what constitutes a *pragmatic* vouchering strategy. Has anyone developed a decision tree or similar tool?

Thanks for any help! Still looking for my copy of Blatchley, Andy