A brief update before I put this to rest for a while. 

Numbers recovered to date: 5, 28, 45, 56, 74, 78, 137, 145, 191, 193, 204, 209, 228, 232, 247, 263, 266, 267, 280, 286, 362, 375, 487, 512, 539, 570, 576, 581, 600, 605, 627, 649, 676, 725, 777, 786, 824, 834, 889, 961, 961, a2, a3, a18, a24, a39, a44, nothing, nothing.

Two copies are available on abebooks.com. The copy offered by Librairie Montréal is #247 (I emailed). 

It certainly appears that the books were numbered individually. It also appears that Blatchley probably numbered most if not all of them. Check out handwriting in the scans available, same pen, and same disregard for neatness. 

We have several small mysteries. 

1. How many were printed? 

Blatchley (1930) says, “They refused to print it as part of annual report, so had to publish it as a special Bulletin, and pay for it from the funds appropriated for Department expenses; also paid personally for a private edition of 1,000 copies.” 

The above, plus the statement in the book, “…it has been possible to issue but 1000 copies of the bulletin.”, leads me to think that 1000 copies "Bulletin" and 1000 copies personal = 2000 copies total. 

2. If 2000 copies were printed, were they all numbered? If so, why no numbers over 1000? If not, why so few unnumbered copies? 

3. Different title pages. My copy (512) has two “title pages”. The first has a brief explanation of the printing issues on the back, and the second with the Introduction (numbered page 1) on the back. Victoria scanned a title page from a copy at LSAM that differs from both title pages of mine: “By W. S. Blatchley” is raised, etc. (see attached). Is this difference a result of the two printings? If so, which is which? Which printing was in two volumes (and where are all those?)?

4. The mystery of the pencil (at least 777 and 786).

5. The mystery of the “a”: we have at least a2, a3, a18, a24, a39, a44. Several of these were a “gift of the author”. Does “a” mean autograph? 

6. The mystery of the missing number. Two so far have no number: one at LSAM and Henry and Anne Howden's Copy. 

Fun stuff to look out for as you carry forward. 



Blatchley, W. S. 1930. Blatchleyana: A list of the published writings of W. S. Blatchley, A.B., A.M., LL.D. of Indianapolis, Indiana and Dunedin, Florida. Together with: A chronology of his life: the fixation of types of new genera and species described by him, etc., etc. The Nature Publishing Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, 77 pp.

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