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As many other departments, we have had a policy of requiring vouchers for all MS and PhD degrees for many years.  This was actually a hard fought battle here years ago.  But as Bob points out, the problem is enforcement, particularly in cases in which there is no taxonomist/systematics person on the committee (which is most committees).  Theoretically, the Dept. Head could refuse to sign a thesis or dissertation if there was no evidence of voucher specimens, but I doubt that this has ever happened here, at least.  Having said this, whenever I served on graduate committees for Entomology degrees, I had a policy of refusing to sign a thesis or disseration until I saw the voucher specimens.  I’m afraid that at the end of the day, enforcement is probably up to graduate committees.  I have no idea what percentage of graduate students here actually deposit vouchers (Karen and Ed would have a much better idea), and frankly, I am not sure I want to know at this point.


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> Andy,
> At NC State as you may remember we have a voucher policy similar to what has been posted here.  The problem is enforcing.  Over my years here I have seen a general decline in the number of voucher specimens submitted. How does one get the students and PIs to take vouchers seriously?  Is the department really going to hold up a student finishing his or her degree because they did not submit vouchers?  I refuse to become the voucher specimen police. I have plenty of other specimens to deal with.
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> Like many university-based insect collections we stand as a repository for vouchers for research done at Penn State and by affiliated projects. Caring for vouchers is one of our many core missions, and it's a service many (but not enough!) students and PIs take seriously. We're in the process of developing an SOP for vouchering that includes information on labeling, prep standards, minimum data required, a spreadsheet template to help us digitize incoming vouchers, etc. Do any of you have such documentation? 
> It's easy for me to describe the importance of vouchers and the standards we expect of this material to be deposited at the Frost Museum. We have a diverse array of research in our department, however, spanning from genomics (of single species in some cases), to systematics, to IPM, community ecology, vector-borne diseases, etc., that it can be hard to give guidance on what constitutes a *pragmatic* vouchering strategy. Has anyone developed a decision tree or similar tool?
> Thanks for any help! Still looking for my copy of Blatchley,
> Andy
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