Hi everyone,

The copy in the SMIRC has 783 scrawled at the bottom of page 95 in pencil. The copy in the SDSU campus library is unnumbered. 



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Being half retired I get to everything, except beetles, more slowly, so I can belatedly email that the Comstock Memorial Library had copy 781, the number also hastily scrawled in a 3H? pencil. Appropriately this is just below the entry for Pterostichus (now Poecilus) lucublandus, one of the most common native carabids in NYS farm fields. My copy was retrieved from a dumpster after a former librarian had all of our old literature archivally copied and bound, only to toss the originals. Peter Fraissinet, Joe McHugh, Rick Hoebeke, Quentin Wheeler, and yours truly dumpster dived for the good stuff, (gasp, including the Biologia and Genera Insectorum, minus the plates). Well that Librarian left town for a small, cold liberal arts college in Northfield, MN (Jesse James must have visited in summer). And MY copy of Blatchley is rebound in gray buckram and still ready to go. My book was accessioned into the Comstock Library on 25/V/1922 (with no date for unceremonious dumping into the trash).

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PS Dan, thanks so much for the blizzard you just sent our way. We needn't blame Canada for this one.

On 2/8/2019 4:50 PM, Dan Young wrote:

Hey All,


Three things:


1) Like Tommy my copy has a very hastily scrolled (in pencil) “786”


2) I wish I could now recall to whom I gave my 2nd copy; mine isfalling apart!


3) I also wish I had as much time as Mike Ferro to instigate such quests!


Lovin’ my 4°F and -13°F wind chill!






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